A Knife and a Penny

My 3rd wedding anniversary with A just recently came and went. We celebrated as usual: good food, good drink, good laughs, and a gift. Before our first anniversary, A and I had decided that we were going to gift each other traditional gifts for our anniversary. First, paper. Second, cotton. Third, leather. The challenge of finding the right item and the nod to a centuries-old tradition suits us. So how did we manage to both gift each other knives for our third anniversary?

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How to Clean and Care for Wooden Cutting Boards

I got wooden cutting boards, wooden cooking utensils, and a beautiful wooden salad bowl because I know that if cared for properly, they can last a lifetime (or more!). Plus, they’re pretty, they can actually harbor fewer germs, and you avoid that whole bits-of-plastic-getting-into-your-food thing. I love all of my wooden tools and serving items, … Continue reading How to Clean and Care for Wooden Cutting Boards