Summer Caprese Dinner Salad: The Perfect Summer Meal

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, relaxing with family, and taking in those extra rays of sunshine. Even if you love food like me, you don’t want to spend all of your time cooking. With everything suddenly in season, you can get away with minimal effort and still eat like a king. Enter: the summer caprese dinner salad.

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Sweet Summer Raspberries

Growing up, the running family joke was to never leave a container of raspberries in the fridge if you planned to use them because I would eat them before you could bat an eyelash. My mom actually used to hide berries under the celery in the crisper drawer to keep me from eating them, or she’d just buy two containers (one as a decoy and one to hide). I love raspberries. They are my favorite fruit by a long shot, but unfortunately for me, they don’t have a very long season. Naturally, raspberry season is my very favorite.

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All About the Egg

Ah, the glorious egg! Who cares if the egg or the chicken came first? This delicious food is loaded with yellow, yummy goodness and all kinds of nutrients. Eggs are a complete protein, so they contain all amino acids. They also contain every B vitamin—talk about a little yolky bundle of happiness! While they do have … Continue reading All About the Egg